Practice Tests


We are the people that will help you in every way possible to pass those aptitude tests you will undoubtedly face at some stage. That is our main goal.

Companies want to make sure they spend their human resource budget in a more constructive way and that they actually do get the best possible employees. To get the best employees out of an ever growing amount of applicants, more accurate ways of screening the applicants have been adopted by the companies. More candidates than ever before are now tested with various aptitude tests before they even get to the first interview. After this you might then face several interviews and whole day assessment centres.

You shouldn't give up though since it is possible to prepare yourself for all these stages in the recruitment process. The sole purpose of this web site is to prepare you practically for everything and allow you to practice as much as possible. Being prepared on the day is very important and does give you an advantage over other applicants. Preparation brings confidence which is one of the main points that employers are looking for in candidates.

We have spent a lot of time analysing what kinds of tests are used at the moment in the recruitment process. Especially financial organisations do most of their testing nowadays online and this is an area we have researched to a great extent.

How do we know what will be asked? Well, we have actually taken many of the tests ourselves that the organisations give to their applicants and this is how we know how to prepare you. These are tests that you can prepare for and that is something we know for a fact. We have spent considerable time going through various sources to put together these pages and to provide you with the information that you can see here.

Sure there are also books you can buy that might help you, but why buy books when the tests are going to be mostly online. You need to practice in the same environment as you will take the tests in also. That is the part of preparation you can get here.

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