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From CCAT to WMTA, Criteria is one of the world's leading providers of pre-employment testing services. With a customer base of 3,000 companies worldwide, including companies such as Vista Equity Partners, Finastra, Crossover, TIBCO and Dominos Pizza, Criteria and its HireSelect platform offers a wide range of cognitive tests. Learn more about Criteria with

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What Tests Are Developed by Criteria Corp.?

The pre-employment tests developed by Criteria are divided into three main categories:

  1. Aptitude tests: aimed at assessing a candidate's cognitive abilities.
  2. Personality tests: examination of a candidates' behavioral traits.
  3. Skills or professional competency tests: aimed at examining a candidate's technical knowledge in various fields (i.e. basic math, Internet, MS Office...).
  4. HireSelect: Criteria's online pre-employment testing plateform.

Criteria Aptitude Tests

Criteria's aptitude tests, the most popular being the CCAT, are psychometric tests designed to assess and analyze the cognitive abilities of candidates, used by hundreds of companies worldwide. The abilities assessed are generally numerical, logical and verbal reasoning.

The following table provides a comparison of Criteria's various aptitude tests:

Full nameCriteria Cognitive Aptitude TestWiesen Test of Mechanical AptitudeUniversal Cognitive Aptitude TestMinicog Rapid Assessment BatteryCriteria Attention Skills Test
OverviewA general cognitive aptitude testA mechanical aptitude testA general cognitive ability testA battery of cognitive and mental "fitness" testsA short cognitive concentration test
Skills assessedCritical thinking, problem solving and rapid learning abilityInstallation, repair and maintenance of mechanical equipmentCritical thinking, problem solving, attention to detail and logical understandingConcentration and focus, mental fitness, memorization and speed of logical reasoningAn abbreviated version of the MRAB focused on concentration and memorization
Duration15 minutes30 minutes20 minutesEstimated time: 35 minutes9-12 minutes
Number of items50 questions60 questions40 questionsQuestions divided into 9 tests4 tests out of the 9 available MRAB tests

Criteria Personality Tests

Personality tests are widely used in the United States and around the world and allow employers to understand the different behavioural traits of candidates. Criteria offers five different personality tests, depending on the position for which the candidate is applying and the traits required for the job.

The following table provides a comparison of Criteria's different personality tests.

Full nameEmployee Personality ProfileSales Achievement PredictorWorkplace Productivity ProfileCustomer Service Aptitude Profile Criteria Personality Inventory
OverviewA general personality test for employeesA personality test, specific to the retail sectorA personality test that assesses productivity at workAn adaptation of the SalesAP test, specific to customer service and after-salesA personality test that determines a candidate's future potential for work positions
Number of traits evaluated12 personality traits5 personality traits4 personality traits5 personality traits5 Personality Traits (Big Five)
Duration15 minutes15 minutes10 minutes15 minutes15 minutes
Number of items140 questions140 questions50 questions140 questions-

Criteria Skills Tests

Skill tests measure job-related skills; broad-spectrum skills such as verbal, numerical and communication reasoning skills, or specific skills such as typing and computer skills. These are skills that candidates have acquired in the course of their education and career - these skills do not necessarily reflect innate abilities but rather reflect acquired knowledge - what the candidate already can do on the basis of previous experience. 

General skills tests (i.e the CBST) that measure general job-readiness skills can be effective indicators of job performance for a wide variety of entry-level positions. However, many skills tests measure more specific acquired skills such as typing speed or the knowledge of various software programs. It is important to realise that these "micro-skills" tests are not designed to predict long-term job performance, as are most aptitude and personality tests; rather, they are only intended to serve as an indicator of a person's current status in regard to key job-related skills.

The table below provides a comparison of Criteria's various competency tests:

TestsCBSTCLICKMicrosoft OfficeTyping TestTen Key Test
Full nameCriteria Basic Skills Test Computer Literacy and Internet Knowledge TestMicrosoft Office 2013/2016Typing TestTen Key Test
OverviewA basic test for beginner or early career positionsA basic computing skills test3 tests testing the candidates basic abilities in: Excel, Word, PowerPointA keyboard typing speed and accuracy testA digital typing speed test
Skills assessedNumeracy (maths), grammar and spelling of the English languageGeneral knowledge of computer science (e-mail, internet...)Basic knowledge of Microsoft's bureaucratic softwareStriking speedStriking speed on the digital pad
Duration20 minutes10 minutes10 minutes2 minutes5 minutes
Number of items40 questions10 QCM - 2 job simulations20 questions -20 items

About HireSelect

HireSelect is an online platform specializing in pre-employment testing. This system provides companies with the ability to pick employees out of a pool of candidates, according to the company's needs and preferences. Using a database of more than 1,100 employee profiles, HireSelect provides its customers with recommendations for various types of tests that may assist in screening for a certain job or position. Each test or battery of tests can then be customized according to the company's wishes.

Many companies use HireSelect for their selection tests, here's a quick overview:

Restaurant.comScandia Seafood Inc.Incept Corp.Lifestyle Hearing
Xtract SolutionsPush Innovation LiveFirst Bankers Trust CompanyHooker Furniture
Tech QualledAmerican Export LinesEmagine Entertainment